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Over the last year Whale Scout has grown by leaps and bounds! Help us launch a huge new program in 2018 called PodMatch. Learn more!

Rain Can’t Stop Volunteers from Helpin’ Green River Salmon

Despite unceasing rain, ten Whale Scouts spent four hours planting a good portion of the 300 trees set for planting at a former pasture.  This site along the Green River in Auburn provides habitat for four species of Pacific salmon including Chinook - killer whale chow. Thanks to King County Parks for hosting us. Read more about the day!

Helpin’ Out Idylwood Creek 2/24

Come enjoy doing restoration work in Idylwood Park just off of West Sammamish Parkway in Redmond. Idylwood Creek runs through the park and is a salmon spawning stream! We'll be planting within the park.

FULL! Helpin’ Out the Elwha River 1/27

FULL! Come plant at the mouth of the Elwha River on the newly created beach! Since the removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon dams, enormous amounts of sediment released downstream to build the beach along this important estuary. The sediment gives eelgrass a surface to grow and also provides shelter for juvenile salmon to adjust and grow before entering the open ocean. The natural sediments on the beach are also where forage fish lay their eggs. An entire ecosystem that feeds endangered killer whales thrives in this newly created place! We'll be planting herbaceous beach plants, spreading seeds and pulling invasive species to help the natural restoration!

Helpin’ Out Whitney Bridge 12/2

Team up with Whale Scout volunteers as we join King County Parks to help salmon in the Green River at Whitney Bridge Park! Four species of Pacific salmon may be seen at this park in the fall including Chinook, pink, coho, and chum. These salmon migrate to and from this area through the Duwamish River to Puget Sound where endangered orcas rely upon them for prey. Join this free, educational, family friendly event - we'll be planting!

Jeanette Dorner Talks Salmon and Killer Whales 12/7/17

Let's learn about salmon together. In order to protect killer whales in Puget Sound we must understand what's threatening our salmon and take action. Jeanette Dorner from Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group will be joining us on this and future podcasts to help everyone learn more about salmon.

Lina Rose Talks Maury Island Marine Park Tree Planting 10/14/17!

Lina Rose from King County Parks talks to us about the next Helpin' Out event at the Maury Island Marine Park. Learn more about the event and why it's important for whales. Plus, Whitney gives us a news update!