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It’s Salmon Watching Season!

It's important to see what we are trying to protect. Seeing these salmon brings new questions to light, and helps one understand a very complicated ocean/freshwater journey which these fish endure. Witnessing their resilience in the face of heavy-handed human engineering is inspiring. They are still limping back. We still have work to do.

Win a Trip to the San Juans on Kenmore Air!

Whale Scout is interested in how we are doing.  Simply answer seven questions and you will be entered to win a trip on Kenmore Air to the San Juans! We are curious to learn more about how you are engaging with us, how we impact your life, and the whales we are trying to protect.

Give an Hour for the Ocean and Help Out Alki Beach 6/10

Maintaining clean shorelines is great for beachgoers and essential for healthy wildlife. This Puget Sound wide event is hosted by the Seattle Aquarium and Puget SoundKeeper. Team Whale Scout is leading a team at Alki Beach. Join us in giving an hour for the ocean, and for whales! This event is part of Orca Month!

Whale Scout Joins Bothell’s Sustainamaia 6/3!

Learn how to be more sustainable everyday at Bothell's Sustainamania! Whale Scout will be with Mike, the life-sized inflatable orca talking to people about how the water in Bothell impacts Mike. To help reduce toxic stormwater entering streams, rivers, Puget Sound, and Mike's salmon meals we'll be handing out 100 native trees to plant in your yard or in a pot!

Whales in Your Neighborhood 6/3

Meet up with an expert naturalist at a local park to search for and learn more about land based whale watching and the whales who live in the Salish Sea, in particular our endangered Southern Resident orcas.

Susan Berta Talks Orca Month!

June is Orca Month! Learn about how Orca Month got started and has grown into an enormous event with numerous events throughout the West Coast. Susan talks about this year's highlights. Make your plans now!


All About Transient Killer Whales with Sara Hysong-Shimazu

Expert naturalist and local artist Sara Hysong-Shimazu discusses what's been going on with so many Transient type killer whales in Puget Sound this spring plus stories of some of her favorite local whales. She also breaks down how these orcas are named - a system much different than Resident type killer whales.