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Duwamish River Has Fewer Blackberries Along its Banks Thanks to Whale Scout Volunteers

The Duwamish River in the heart of Seattle has been heavily polluted for years. Salmon once plentiful are now toxic to eat for people and orcas. Restoring healthy natural areas such as Herring's House Park provide a buffer for urban runoff from entering Puget Sound.  

Idylwood Creek a Better Place for Salmon Thanks to Volunteers

On January 28th Whale Scout teamed up with Green Redmond to tackle invasive plants at Idylwood Park. Idylwood Creek was home to Chinook salmon in the past however more recently Kokanee have been the focus of salmon watchers. Laurie Gogic, Whale Scout volunteer and Forest Steward with Green Redmond, led the event.  Her passion and dedication to salmon and whales is amazing! She helped teach us all that saving the whales begins right beneath our feet.

Whale Scout Helpin’ Out Behind the Scenes for Skagit Salmon 5/20

Come work behind the scenes growing native plants in the nursery for a major restoration project. These plants will help increase food availability during critical times of the year for orcas. We'll be weeding and carefully tending to small plants!

Helpin’ Out Duwamish River 4/1

Join Team Whale Scout with Earth Corps at Herring's House Park, part of a Super Fund cleanup. It was designed primarily as habitat for juvenile Chinook salmon with an intertidal estuary. The Duwamish River is home to five Pacific salmon species including Chinook and coho, a candidate species for listing. Recovering these salmon stocks will help feed endangered killer whales!

Jim Waddell Gives a Snake River Dam Update

Jim Waddell returns to give us an update on his campaign to remove the lower Snake River dams. Take a listen to what Jim has to say about our new President. You might be surprised to learn what's slowing down the removal of these dams and how you can help.

Lesanna Lahner Sealife Rehabilitation Facility Needed in Puget Sound

Learn more about the need for a wildlife hospital for marine mammals and turtles in Puget Sound. Lesanna Lahner, Executive Director and Veterinarian, explains why SR3's mission is so important and how their group will work with other organizations currently working with stranded animals. Plus, how YOU can help!