Rain Can’t Stop Volunteers from Helpin’ Green River Salmon

Despite unceasing rain, ten Whale Scouts spent four hours planting a good portion of the 300 trees set for planting at a former pasture.  This site along the Green River in Auburn provides habitat for four species of Pacific salmon including Chinook – killer whale chow. Thanks to King County Parks for hosting us. Read more about the day!

Michelle plants a tree using the advanced technique shown by our group leader, Tina to conserve soil


Facing climate change, 10% of the trees King County Parks plants are drought resistant like this Pacific White Pine

Vanessa brought her two boys, her husband, and her foot in a boot!


The Green River – home to four species of Pacific Salmon including Chinook. Our trees will help ensure the right conditions for salmon are met including shade, filtered, and cool water, and natural materials and bugs enter the river to sustain fish


Pasture land at this site is being restored with the addition of native plants and trees. The soils made easy digging!

“Once you’re wet, you can’t get any wetter.”


Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who maintained a positive attitude as we do the work needed to protect fish and whales! If the salmon and orcas thrive in water, we do too!