GiveBig or Small to Support Whale Scout May 3rd-4th, 2016

From the Director,

The next two days are where the Seattle Foundation makes your donation to Whale Scout even bigger! Give today and the Seattle Foundation will match a portion of you contribution. There are a lot of great organizations to support over these two days and we thank you for considering us!

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Why Give? 

Many people live near Puget Sound because of its beautiful scenery and recreational opportunities. Watching whales is truly a magical experience, and something we are so lucky to be able to do in an urban environment. However, many of the choices we’ve made in the past have threatened our killer whales and the Chinook salmon they prey upon. The time is now to take action to restore Puget Sound.  Everyone can play a part in reducing storm water runoff, eliminating toxins, and restoring the rivers and streams which support salmon, whales, and ourselves.

Whale Scout provides sustainable land-based whale-watching experiences, and also channels people’s interest in orcas to improve the foundational components of the ecosystem which supports them. We station expert naturalists at public parks throughout Puget Sound when whales are visible from shore. A free, social media-based system alerts the public to the location of our Whale Scouts so that they can meet up with them to watch whales together and learn ways to protect them. Our Whale Scouts are trained to illustrate ecosystem connections, motivating people to join us at weekend salmon habitat restoration projects with our partners, and engage in everyday stewardship actions which add up to make big differences for Puget Sound. By planting native trees, eliminating toxic chemicals, buying organic, making better transportation choices, and many other actions, we are saving Puget Sound, its marine inhabitants, and wildlife viewing opportunities for future generations.

-Whitney Neugebauer, Director of Whale Scout