Take Action for Orca Month!

Did you know that June is Orca Month? Along with the many big events being offered from Oregon to British Columbia, you have the opportunity to TAKE ACTION telling the Governor's Task Force on recovering orcas to address salmon restoration, pollution prevention, noise reduction, and oil spill risk! Read more.

Help Orcas! Save Salmon!

Did you know orcas share the individual salmon they catch with their families? This often observed behavior is called “prey sharing” and gives us some insight into the social lives of killer whales. Would you be willing to share some of your heard-earned prey with Whale Scout? Seattle’s biggest giving day is May 9th, but you can schedule a donation right now! All donations up to $2,000 will be DOUBLED thanks to a pod mate who pledged to share a big chunk of salmon with us! #SalmonForAll #givebig #orcas