Hawaii’s Fascinating, Lesser-Known, Endangered Whales – Robin Baird

Scientist Robin Baird from Cascadia Research Collective  joins the Whale Scout podcast as we dive deep into the waters of Hawaii to explore a different species of resident toothed-whales: False killer whales. Learn about their negative interactions with fisheries and what's being done to protect them. Learn more online and in this incredible book.

How Could a New Habitat Protection Law Help Orcas? Amy Carey Explains.

Executive Director of Sound Action, Amy Carey, explains why orcas need soft shorelines in Puget Sound. House Bill 1579, if passed, will protect shorelines through the revision of HPA (hydraulic project approval) process for construction in waters. Sound Action has spent countless hours watchdogging every marine HPA and fighting to ensure shorelines are protected. This fix

Perspectives from a Female Killer Whale Scientist – New Research, Dams, Fisheries Management, and Hope

Learn about the biggest issues facing endangered Southern Resident killer whales from Dr. Deborah Giles, Science Advisor for the Orca Salmon Alliance. We talk about challenging issues such as dam removal, fisheries management, and also learn how Giles manages working "on behalf of the Southern Resident killer whales" as an advocate and scientist. Plus, learn how