Our Biggest Helpin’ Out Event Ever- Thank You!


Photo – Emily Sunblade

More than 100 people came out to help Friends of North Creek Forest in the name of protecting and feeding killer whales and improving their community. This was our biggest event ever- and we could not be more grateful for all of your energy, positivity, and enthusiasm for getting outside and making a difference. North Creek Forest acts like a sponge, cleaning urban runoff and providing clean, cool, groundwater to spawning Chinook salmon during hot summer months. The forest is a mile long! Once these salmon grow up they will feed hungry whales. Thank you!





   Many local Bothell families joined us, including kids from Evergreen Karate and Jiu Jitsu.






Big kids and little kids, everyone makes a difference!






The huge mulch pile at the top of the forest was scooped into buckets and then passed down one at a time to prepare the forest for trees to be planted in the future.





All gloves and tools including rakes were provided by Friends of North Creek Forest – thank you!


DSC_8470 .

Brothers wore fun orca dorsal fins in the spirit of loving and protecting Southern Resident killer whales.







Special guest Mike, J26, came to show his support for all of us helping him and his pod mates.




Adults formed a bucket brigade to pass full loads of mulch along the trail. This trail will allow water to seep into the ground, filtering out toxins as opposed to pavement which channels runoff directly into streams, carrying everything it picks up along the way, including copper from cars or pesticides.





Small kids carried empty buckets back up to the top of the hill to be refilled.





Others removed nasty non-native English Ivy, which takes over all native plants, creating a “mono culture” of ivy. This ivy can even climb tall trees as we saw on this site.






Delicious hamburgers and hotdogs were served up by Friends of North Creek Forest fueling up volunteers!



Special thanks to Friends of North Creek Forest for hosting our group and providing such a great experience!

Learn more about the forest by watching our video.

Missed this one? You’re in luck. Join us March 14th to ‘Help Out’ Nature Consortium at the West Duwamish Greenbelt. 

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