A Mountain of Mulch Moved for Tiny Plants

On November 19th Whale Scout volunteers along with other community groups helped Friends of North Creek Forest move a mountain of mulch deep into the forest to help nurture tiny new plants. North Creek is home to Chinook salmon, primary orca food, and the forest acts as a giant sponge keeping waters clean and cool.


The mountain of mulch at the beginning of the day, Courtesy of Friends of North Creek Forest


A bucket brigade is the best way to transfer mulch over long distances on steep terrain.


Great friends are made working side by side.


We’re strong enough to do two at a time!


Volunteers tackle the pile from all angles


Full buckets go down, empty ones come back up in a series of complicated hand-off maneuvers.

In the middle of the day a delicious chili lunch was served warming up our bodies and fueling us up to finish off the rest of the pile.

Thanks to Friends of North Creek Forest staff for all of their hospitality. We also want to extend a big congratulations as well – the group recently announced that the last parcel of the 64 acre forest has been purchased and protected! To learn more, go to their website.