Volunteers Plant 55 Trees and Shrubs for Orcas in North Creek Forest

Whale Scout volunteers joined forces with Friends of North Creek Forest to plant 55 trees and shrubs and remove vast amounts of invasive Himalayan blackberry bushes. We are particularly concerned about North Creek because it's home to spawning Chinook salmon, the primary prey for endangered killer whales that we love watching in Puget Sound. Afterwards, we made a trip to the banks of North Creek to look for salmon. Read more about our day and check out photos.

Helpin’ Out Maury Island Marine Park 10/14

Join Whale Scout volunteers as we return to Maury Island Marine Park to plant trees! Last year we planted a tree in memory of L95 Nigel. Orcas may be seen from this beautiful marine park; south Puget Sound is an important ecological area for endangered orcas. The activity of the day will be planting!

Fall Whale Scout Volunteer Naturalist Trainings

Join the Whale Scout Volunteer Naturalist team! We are a friendly group of folks who line the shorelines of Puget Sound helping others watch and learn about endangered orcas. Our goal is to channel people's interest in whales into salmon habitat restoration events and stewardship actions, helping to protect the whales we love.