Idylwood Creek a Better Place for Salmon Thanks to Volunteers

On January 28th Whale Scout teamed up with Green Redmond to tackle invasive plants at Idylwood Park. Idylwood Creek was home to Chinook salmon in the past however more recently Kokanee have been the focus of salmon watchers. Laurie Gogic, Whale Scout volunteer and Forest Steward with Green Redmond, led the event.  Her passion and dedication to salmon and whales is amazing! She helped teach us all that saving the whales begins right beneath our feet.

Examples how how to properly remove invasive plants like this Himalayan Blackberry

Gary describes efforts to protect salmon in Idylwood Creek

Idylwood Creek

Tena shows off a giant root ball

Adorable salmon and orca cookies made by Laurie, photo by Michelle Leann

Lake Sammamish, photo by Michelle Leann

Nettie and Julie diligently pulling himalayan blackberries

Mission accomplished Tony, Laurie

Joint effort pulling hard “Gotta get it out!” Nettie, Rebecca, Julie, Laurie

Everyone in awe of a giant ivy root Jen, Rebecca, Anne, Whitney and Tony (holding root)

Rebecca finding a buried shoe

Rebecca, Jen, Anne, Tony, Julie, Nettie and Betsey proud of their huge pile of ivy and blackberry

Betsey showing enthusiasm for her work

Thanks to everyone for coming! We all had so much fun. Photo by Julie Shelton