Volunteers Plant 55 Trees and Shrubs for Orcas in North Creek Forest

Whale Scout volunteers joined forces with Friends of North Creek Forest to plant 55 trees and shrubs and remove vast amounts of invasive Himalayan blackberry bushes. North Creek Forest filters water from  urban areas above North Creek. We are particularly concerned about North Creek because it’s home to spawning Chinook salmon, the primary prey for endangered killer whales that we love watching in Puget Sound. Our post-work party included pizza, cookies, and a surprise birthday cake followed by a trip to the banks of North Creek to look for salmon. While we didn’t see any salmon in the creek yet, it was still encouraging to know that our efforts help keep those waters cool and clean for the salmon on their way. Read more about our day and check out photos. We’d also like to extend a special thanks to Friends of North Creek Forest and Go Natives!

Some of our group

One blackberry root pulled out and a native shrub to replace it!

Alice cutting blackberries back

Laurie and friends working together

55 trees and shrubs were planted in total

Families learning and serving together

A wide variety were planted including western red cedar, red elderberry, snowberry, red flowering currant, and mock orange

Toddlers LOVE the forest

Kailey and Caedon came from San Juan Island to plant trees!

Enjoying the view of North Creek

Want to join us? Our next event is October 14th at the Maury Island Marine Park!