May 9th, 2017 by Whitney Neugebauer

Give BIG is the day when the entire Greater Seattle region comes together to support the nonprofits that make our community a stronger, more vibrant place for all. It is a tremendous opportunity to collectively invest in the impactful and inspiring nonprofits that are such a critical part of our region’s fabric. Whale Scout is proud to be a part of Give BIG 2017!

Watching whales is truly a magical experience, and something we are so lucky to enjoy in Seattle’s urban environment. However, many of the choices we’’ve made in the past have endangered our killer whales and the Chinook salmon they prey upon. Whale Scout provides sustainable land-based whale-watching experiences, and also channels people’s interest in orcas to improve the foundational components of the ecosystem which supports them.

In 2017 we are working with partners to launch PodMatch, a program connecting all Salish Sea whale watchers with salmon habitat restoration events near their homes. This new effort “scales up” our proven programs to levels necessary to bring about large ecosystem change. PodMatch will also offer everyday stewardship actions for whale watchers to engage in collectively. By planting native trees, eliminating toxic chemicals, buying organic, making better transportation choices, and many other actions, we are saving Puget Sound, its marine inhabitants, and wildlife viewing opportunities for future generations.

Please help support us today and your donation will be matched 1$:1$ up to $3,000! Double your donation today only! That’s double the impact for our volunteers, salmon, and orcas.

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