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North Creek is home to Chinook salmon, primary orca food, and the forest acts as a giant sponge keeping waters clean and cool.


This orientation session is for new and returning volunteers. Come meet other volunteers, learn about the logistics of whale watching with us, and our program goals. The session includes special guests Nicole Killebrew from the Seattle Aquarium teaching about communication techniques for collective solutions and Juliana Houghton getting you up to speed on whales of the Salish Sea and teaching about the latest research updates!

Jill at Titlow dec 2014

Jill Clogston at Titlow Beach

We’re back and joined by Monika Wieland talking about the upcoming CALF workshop in Friday Harbor and her latest projects researching killer whales with her new group Orca Behavior Institute. Learn about the latest steps being taken to protect killer whales and how your voice is needed to make a difference.